• DH2i™ Company is the leading provider of orchestration solutions based on InstanceMobility technology. InstanceMobility lets you quickly move an application instance between hosts (physical, virtual, cloud) with very little interruption in service. This mobility allows you to stack many instances per host to save on licensing & hardware and also simplifies high availability, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

    DH2i offers two clustering solutions with full multi-subnet support. DxConsole leverages shared storage while DxHADR uses any replication technology of your choice.

2015 Microsoft SQL Server Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP): 3 Tips to Take the Sting Out

With the advent of ever-larger core-count processors, Microsoft saw an inflection point and took action. As a result, with the release of SQL Server 2012, Microsoft’s licensing model changed from a per-processor license to a per-core license (see the licensing definitions from Microsoft). While this change may not have hit your radar screen yet, it … Continue reading

Optimize Your Data Center—and Get Your Nights and Weekends Back

According to Microsoft, planned downtime constitutes almost 80% of the outages in any IT environment (you can download the guide for details). This downtime is to take care of things like tech refreshes, migration projects, and OS or SQL Server patching. They’re activities you do year in and year out—just typical days at the office. The … Continue reading

How to Configure Database Mirroring for SQL Server

Database mirroring provides database availability by mirroring the transaction streams from the principal server to a mirror server. Database mirroring supports two operating modes: Synchronous – a transaction must be committed on both principal and mirror server, and/or witness server before considered as completed. This is a real-time protection for a database. With automatic failover … Continue reading

How to Configure Log Shipping for SQL Server

Log shipping is a simple solution that operates and provides disaster recovery protection at the database level. A log shipping configuration includes one primary server and one or more secondary servers. To configure log shipping, you can use the following procedure: Connect to the primary server. Ensure the database is at Bulk-logged or Full recovery … Continue reading

Enterprise Tech News Rollup

Check out our latest mixtape of SQL Server and general IT articles we thought were interesting from the past few weeks… “VMware buys CloudVolumes to speed app installations” — Big news from VMware last week was that they purchased CloudVolumes for an undisclosed amount. Will be interesting to see where this goes as they now have … Continue reading

End of Windows Server Support—How Much Time Can You Afford to Spend in Server Migration?

Microsoft has announced that support for all editions of Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 ends on January 13, 2015, and that complete end of support for Windows Server 2003 occurs on July 14. And on that note, thousands of DBAs heave a collective sigh and prepare for the massive headache of migration. How massive? According … Continue reading

How Much Can You Save on Your Virtual SQL Server Farm?

If you’ve already virtualized some—or all—of your SQL Server environment, you’ve gained some physical consolidation and management advantages. But now you’re locked into Microsoft’s and/or VMware’s view of what you should be able to do with your newfound capabilities. And your budget. In an earlier post, we talked about some important misconceptions regarding Microsoft SQL … Continue reading

Enterprise Tech News Rollup

Here’s the latest edition of our blog series covering the last few weeks of enterprise IT news. “SanDisk to Acquire Troubled Fusion-io for $1.2 Billion” — The big news from last month: SanDisk announced they are going to buy Fusion-io for a valuation of $11.25/share. “VMware puts a price on NSX and tells partners to open fire” — … Continue reading

DH2i Awarded Advanced Industries (AI) Accelerator Programs Grant

We are so excited to announce that DH2i has been awarded an Advanced Industries (AI) Accelerator Programs Grant by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT). I had the honor of going down to Denver on Wednesday and receiving the award from Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper himself. It was really a fabulous ceremony! I even got … Continue reading

Groundhog Day: Project-Based I.T. Is Déjà Vu All Over Again

“For many organizations, the project-based accounting approach, in which departments “buy” datacenter utilization based on specific project needs, is getting out of hand for both IT and the business units it serves. Virtualization should have made project-based IT simple and cost-effective. Instead, the four vCPU minimum required by Microsoft’s SQL Server licensing means history is repeating … Continue reading


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