• DH2i™ Company is the leading provider of orchestration solutions based on InstanceMobility technology. InstanceMobility lets you quickly move an application instance between hosts (physical, virtual, cloud) with very little interruption in service. This mobility allows you to stack many instances per host to save on licensing & hardware and also simplifies high availability, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

    DH2i offers two clustering solutions with full multi-subnet support. DxConsole leverages shared storage while DxHADR uses any replication technology of your choice.

End of Windows Server Support—How Much Time Can You Afford to Spend in Server Migration?

Microsoft has announced that support for all editions of Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 ends on January 13, 2015, and that complete end of support for Windows Server 2003 occurs on July 14. And on that note, thousands of DBAs heave a collective sigh and prepare for the massive headache of migration. How massive? According … Continue reading

How Much Can You Save on Your Virtual SQL Server Farm?

If you’ve already virtualized some—or all—of your SQL Server environment, you’ve gained some physical consolidation and management advantages. But now you’re locked into Microsoft’s and/or VMware’s view of what you should be able to do with your newfound capabilities. And your budget. In an earlier post, we talked about some important misconceptions regarding Microsoft SQL … Continue reading

Enterprise Tech News Rollup

Here’s the latest edition of our blog series covering the last few weeks of enterprise IT news. “SanDisk to Acquire Troubled Fusion-io for $1.2 Billion” — The big news from last month: SanDisk announced they are going to buy Fusion-io for a valuation of $11.25/share. “VMware puts a price on NSX and tells partners to open fire” — … Continue reading

DH2i Awarded Advanced Industries (AI) Accelerator Programs Grant

We are so excited to announce that DH2i has been awarded an Advanced Industries (AI) Accelerator Programs Grant by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT). I had the honor of going down to Denver on Wednesday and receiving the award from Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper himself. It was really a fabulous ceremony! I even got … Continue reading

Enterprise Tech News Rollup

Every day, there’s a crazy amount of IT news out there. And with the industry changing so quickly sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Check out the links below for highlights from the last month or so of enterprise tech news. “Add an Instance to SQL Server Azure VM” — “Scary DBA” and SQL Server MVP Grant Fritchey … Continue reading

SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition: 3 Misconceptions You Can’t Afford

The release of a new version of SQL Server is always fodder for discussion, and the 2014 release is no exception. But viewing the release with a Microsoft-centric view can lead to assumptions that can end up being frustrating, time-consuming—and expensive. Here are 3 misconceptions you can’t afford to have. 1.  Standard Edition is Only … Continue reading

DH2I at Atlanta SQL Saturday – May 3

Last Saturday’s event in Chicago was great– lots of interesting conversations! If you couldn’t make it to Chicago, I hope to see you in Atlanta on May 3rd.  I will be discussing how you can focus on what matters most- your applications.  Registration is still open for SQL Saturday #285: http://www.sqlsaturday.com/285/register.aspx. Are you are ready … Continue reading

DH2i at Chicago SQL Saturday April 26

On Saturday we will be in Chicago for SQL Saturday #291!  We are not only sponsoring the event on April 26th but I am also presenting.  Registration is still open: http://sqlsaturday.com/291/register.aspx Please join me for a talk on how to create an application availability framework for any SQL Server implementation.  I will explore why “infrastructure-up” approaches such as … Continue reading

A Plumbing Conundrum: What to Do When Virtualization and Clustering Are Gumming Up the Works

Virtualization and clustering were developed to solve a range of datacenter challenges. But eventually these “infrastructure-up” approaches developed their own problems: Rigid configuration rules & ecosystem restrictions Complex upgrades Expensive software stacks Many different operational models to manage The thing is, virtualization and clustering are infrastructure. They’re plumbing. And no one really wants plumbing for … Continue reading

What “Evil” Lurks at the Heart of Virtualized Datacenters? It Might Be What You’re Doing with Your Applications

In a recent blog post, The Register’s Chris Mellor wrote: “…why do we need an OS in each virtual machine? It is simply the equivalent of useless middle management getting in the way and sucking up CPU cycles better spent by the hypervisor and the apps themselves.” Here at DH2i, we completely agree. In fact, despite … Continue reading


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